I have always enjoyed designing, whether it would be hand drawn or computer generated. I am Digital Arts Graduate from the University of  Kent. What I like the most about designing is the freedom to create what you want and see it come to life.
I am a diligent, ambitious, enthusiastic person who is always up for a challenge. 
My work experience and degree program have enhanced my skills in the following software such as Abode Brackets, Maya and Photoshop etc. 
Sophie Doosaah 

Skills and Focuses 

2D  Animation 

Creating  smooth 2D animations  using a range of software’s, making content for social media, animated logos, animated info graphics and animated stories. Knowledge of editing and sound, and compression.

UI Design 

Providing a well designed and compliant user face for user experience  well presented across all platforms.  Knowledge of coding in HTML5, CSS5, C+ /C*, JavaScript and responsiveness.

Graphics Design 

Creating content across a multitude of different platforms, from leaflets, logos, websites, marketing content, social media, email ads and brochures etc....
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